Evolution should stand criticism

To the editor:

To the Columbia, SC writer (DMG 11-21-13), I’ve not noticed that the Republican party has either become “Christianity-dominated” or been “aggressive(ly) proselyzing.” How racist to suggest “white evangelical zealots.” Moreover, if “evolution” is more than a theory, it should be able to withstand criticism.

Evolution’s theory didn’t begin with a “group of homo sapiens … in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

It began as goo-to-you from the ocean give or take a few million/billion years.

Of course “Abel is treated as an actual historical figure by Jesus.” Henry M. Morris (Defender’s Study Bible) states, “Abel, son of Adam, was thus the first prophet – that is, a man who supernaturally receives and then proclaims inspired words from God. Evidently, Abel was speaking God’s words to Cain, when the latter slew him is jealous wrath.”

Numerous statements by Jesus himself tell that He and the Father (God) are one (John 1:1 and John 10:30). No doubt about Christ’s divinity.

It’s a belief system, Mr. Knight.

As for creationism, consider the Bar-tailed Godwit.

According to GPS tracking, this avian wonder is the champion of long-range flight. Its transpacific journey requires remaining airborne 24 hours per day for 4 to 6 days without pausing en route for rest or feeding. (the websiteofeverything.com)

The name Godwit originates in Old English with god meaning good and wit coming from wihte meaning creature (wikipedia). The Godwit was created on Day 5 of the creation week (Gen 1:20-23).

It has doubtless changed much since then.

Marilyn Sager