Continuing a tradition

CALUMET – Seniors and volunteers came together in food and fellowship at several Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly dining sites throughout the Copper Country for Thanksgiving.

At Sacred Heart Church in Calumet, 61 people had signed up to attend the dinner, along with about 20 volunteers, said David King, dining room coordinator for the Sacred Heart dinner.

“It’s a wonderful time for everybody,” he said.

“That’s the thing about Little Brothers that has impressed me the most – they bring the people together who donate things, bring people together who donate time, bring the people together who share themselves.”

Eaters were presented with a feast including turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, vegetables and cranberry sauce. If they had room, there were several table-lengths of pies, brownies, cookies and more.

John Quagly of Laurium, who was at the dinner for the second time, liked the friendly atmosphere and good food.

“The turkey and the potatoes are good,” he said. “And the dressing. It’s all good.”

A frequent volunteer herself, Adria Jacobsen of Laurium was impressed by how well-put-together the event was. Jacobsen recently moved back to the area after living in Minnesota.

“We had a lot of different functions – but not like this,” she said. “This is beautiful.”

Both the seniors and the volunteers have a wonderful time, said King, who’s been volunteering since the 1980s. His daughter, who once helped out, now lives in Western Pennsylvania, where there is no Little Brothers branch.

“She feels like her Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are incomplete, and wishes her own children could have that experience,” he said.

This year, the 4-year-old daughter of one of the kitchen volunteers wanted to help.

She was able to aid with setting up the tables and greeting diners, but was disappointed King wouldn’t let her serve.

“I told her, ‘Maybe when you’re 6,'” he said.

That girl, Violet Shebby, said she was “trying to do something special for the elder ones.”

“It makes Jesus happy, and it’s good,” she said.