Varying views on how we got here

To the editor:

It is interesting how people have totally opposite views on how us humans got to be here on earth. I believe in a loving, forgiving Creator; others feel we evolved from lesser life forms over eons of time, that’s their choice. I recently saw documentaries on the Science Channel, a series “Through the Wormhole” A 2012 episode, “The God Particle” dealt with the work of top physicists over the last 40 years trying to definitively prove Darwin’s theory. Try as they may using the best methods, they were always drawn to one result. Calling it the “God Particle,” they found that no other atom activity was possible in its absence. Darwin, a naturalist (1809-1882), may not have had knowledge of how atoms were the building blocks of all matter. Another episode “Did God Create Evolution,” shed doubt on evolutionist’s theories citing their only real evidence of fossils have far too many breaches for a fluid and lengthy biological timeline which is key to their arguments. I only submitted this letter to open a dialogue. For me as I draw my last breath, I will feel better sighing the name of my Savior than that of misguided men.

Keith Wanhaaho