CCISD offers thanks to many

To the editor:

Thank you to the Copper Country Community Transition Council; MTU Career Center, Jim Turnquist; Michigan Tech Memorial Union Building Staff; Keweenaw Business and Professional Women (KBPW); Michigan Works; Michigan Rehabilitation Services; Tara Bride Michigan, Department of Education; and Copper Country Intermediate School District for co-sponsoring the annual Interviewing Workshop at MTU. The interviewing workshop prepares high school students for the adult world of work. Junior and Senior students from Copper Country High Schools participated in mock job interviews with 15 community volunteers. The students and volunteers were treated to a formal business lunch and an etiquette lesson. The students attended sessions aimed at interviewing skills, safety on the job, one on one interviews with community volunteers/businesses and the Reality Store. The Reality Store sponsored by (KBPW) is an interactive game which teaches budgeting, balancing a check book, insurance, wise consumer choices and making thoughtful budgeting decisions.

An especially big thank you goes to the volunteers who interviewed students individually and provided feedback improving student’s confidence and techniques during an interview. Volunteers are:

MBA Admissions and Recruiter Michigan Tech University School of Business & Economics, Jodie R. Filpus; L’Anse Manufacturing, Mary Smith; Board of Finance Ss. Peter and Paul, Sandy Giordana; Director of Career Service MTU, Jim Turnquist; CCISD Social Worker, Shelly Smith; MI DHS, Pete L Autio; MiWorks, Beth Anderson, Bridget N. Hillard, and Megan Van Karsan; Workforce Development Agency, Scott Cleary; Local college Representatives: Finlandia University, Carol Bates; Michigan Technological University, Christy Olsund; Gogebic Community College, Glenn Guilbault; Great Explorations, Erin Carter and Shelly Rivard; Superior Alliance for Independent Living, Jessica Manier and Leah Ross; Chad Rowley and David Smith, Transition Coordinators from Marquette ISD and Menominee ISD , and thank you to Lisa Sporbert’s class at the CCISD for stuffing 100 student folders.

When preparing students for life after high school, we need to consider: Are the schools and communities doing what is necessary to prepare out student for life after high school? How do we know?

We can answer yes to those questions. The volunteers, teachers, students, agencies, organizations and schools demonstrated their commitment to our young adults by enthusiastic participation in this event.

The Copper Country community is doing an outstanding job collaborating and partnering with our schools by leading our students on the road to a successful transition into adult living.

Lois Weber

Transition Coordinator Copper Country

Intermediate School District