Oregon can have our wolves

To the editor:

Last week I saw a letter to our editor from another non-Michigander (Oregon) complaining about our wolf hunt. The letter contained the usual laments, and that the wolf occupies only 5 percent of its appropriate habitat. Well, a recent statistic I saw was nearly 4000 wolves in the upper great lakes, with only about 50 wolves in Oregon.

We will gladly export some of our wolves to share the wealth, but I’m sure when Oregon is saturated with several thousand wolves you will change your tune when your pets, livestock, and children are being attacked.

I must also comment on Dr. Rolf Peterson’s column lamenting the wolf hunt and the influence of the “well-heeled gun lobby” that is responsible for it. The so-called gun lobby he fears includes over 5 million citizens and patriots who are members of the National Rifle Association; ordinary folks like you and I and our friends and neighbors – those who care about wildlife conservation and more importantly, the freedoms and personal liberties that are the backbone of our nation.

Steven Tarnowski