Sex tax would be a winner

To the editor:

This may shock you. In this state we have huge income from various sin taxes. We have a tax on alcohol, on nicotine addiction (tobacco), and income from gambling on the lottery and video poker machines. When marijuana is legalized here, as it is in Washington, we will have a tax on that. What we don’t have is a tax on sex.

Not all sex is a sin, of course, but prostitution is. It’s time the state intervened and acknowledged the sex workers, both male and female. If the state made sex workers state employees, and provided clean and safe places to work, a.k.a bordellos, with a pension plan and health benefits we would take the amateurs off the street and put the pimps out of business.

We would also protect the health of sex workers and reduce the risk of what is clearly a sometimes dangerous profession. But if sex workers were licensed, like many professions, they would benefit. And if there were a tax on their services, the state would take in a ton of money we could spend on health care, schools, and public housing.

A tax on sex would be an all around winner.

Harley Sachs

Portland, Ore.