The simplest driving tip is also the best

Winter weather has certainly taken the Keweenaw by force over the past several weeks. A far cry from last December when we received just trace amounts of snow, by mid-month we are seeing temperatures and snow totals we’ve become accustomed to seeing in late January or early February.

Despite all the positives that come with snow and winter conditions, recreation and tourism dollars to name the two biggest, the most significant drawback of the recent weather is winter driving.

It seems everywhere you look, some organization or another is offering their tips and guidelines for safe driving during this time of year. We certainly agree that carrying an emergency kit and other measures are certainly good advice. However, we also strongly feel one of the most significant winter safe-driving practices is also the easiest.

Keep your headlights on. It’s that simple.

Driving with the lights on creates a double bonus of safety. The obvious advantage is increased visibility for the driver, but just as important as the ability to see, is the advantage of being seen. This is especially true during periods of snow, sleet, fog and other winter driving hazards.

Turning the lights on is a quick, effortless practice that could save your life or the lives of others. It can and should be practiced at all times even when weather conditions are less than severe.

It is a simple practice that should become a safe driving habit for all of us.