Something for the holiday songbook/The Red Line

I’ve had the joy and privilege of doing quite a bit of singing this Christmas season. Music has been a part of my life from the very beginning. It’s a hobby I enjoy taking part in and I’m glad I can provide some smiles for the community or in the case of the Star-Spangled Banner, patriotic recognition for our country.

However, Christmas is about giving and sharing and being together.

So, I’d like to take some time to augment your holiday songbook from the sports world.

Jim Schwartz got run over by a kicker

And the Lions fans asked him to leave

They can say there’s no such thing as playoffs

But as for me and Rodgers, we believe.

I saw that guy taking PEDs at the Sochi Winter Games last night

I took 13th, you see, there’s no medal there for me, unless that Russian skier’s caught with banned stuff in his pee.

I saw that guy taking PEDs… Don’t you know that cheating isn’t right?

May have won in 2010, but now I’m just a has-been

Cause he took those PEDs last night.

Dave Dombrowski; trade another Tiger for me or three

Move them on down the line

Dave Dombrowski, just leave Miguel Cabrera tonight.

God rest you injured Red Wings guys

Can’t you come back today?

We’ve made so many call-ups that the Griffins cannot play

We’re panicking! A playoff berth could be slipping away

Why aren’t Howard and Zetterberg OK?

Franzen can’t play?

Why aren’t Howard and Zetterberg OK?

Christmas, Christmas time is here

Pistons winning games this year?

Drummond has improved a tad

And the East is really bad

They’re not on ESPN

Got to show LeBron again!

Any playoffs would be great,

Might fix our dismal gate.

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