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The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health recently published a case study involving the response of an 8-week-old female who experienced difficulty breastfeeding and underwent subluxation based chiropractic care.

An 8-week-old female was presented to a chiropractic office with the inability to suck properly and had difficulty nursing. She presented with a left head tilt and subluxations were identified at the Occiput, Atlas, Sacrum and the cranium. The infant received spinal and cranial adjustments and after the third adjustment the patient latched on and breastfed for 20 minutes without any difficulty and she continued to feed normally thereafter.

It is the innate ability of the full-term newborn to engage her mother and to initiate feeding at the breast at the moment of birth. Failure to do so demonstrates the possible impairment or disorganization of neurological immaturity or a mild to severe neurological/musculoskeletal concern. Your Chassell-based Dr. Jinny Sirard, D.C., explains that “There are several reasons as to why the newborn’s ability to suckle and breastfeed may be compromised. It is estimated that 2.6 percent of births are complicated by some type of birth trauma.

Mechanical forces such as compression, distraction, torsion or a combination of these are sustained during the birth process. These forces can greatly reduce range of motion in the neck and create neurological deficits.”

“This case describes the management of a newborn with breastfeeding difficulties which resolved following the introduction of chiropractic and cranial work.” Dr. Sirard related. “More research is needed to explore this common problem in childhood.”

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