Laurium project deserves praise

To the editor:

I would like to take this means in thanking and congratulating the Laurium Village Council and the village administrator for their determination on the new street scape of M-26 Laurium, Third Street, and the new entrance to Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital.

Your two years in planning, and the construction time it took from May through October paid off. The 3.16 million dollar project to enhance the Village of Laurium looks great. That is over a million dollars in historic enhancements, 2.16 million from MDOT and the Village’s match of $50,000. Plus the Christmas decorations are the best in years (Thank You.) The hospital entrance on Osceola Street was part of a Federal grant small urban program. All in all fantastic.

Thank you for your due diligence. Let’s go for another grant.

Ed Jenich

Former Mayor