Avoid being a holiday traffic statistic

Statistics are incredible things, especially when they are used to predict future trends and activities. Statisticians can predict how many people will travel during this holiday period, what modes of travel they’ll take and even how much money each traveler will spend.

On the sober side, each year there are predictions, which usually come out frighteningly accurate, regarding how many traffic accidents will occur over the holiday. Statisticians can predict, with uncanny accuracy, how many people will die in these accidents, how often factors such as alcohol and speed will play a part in these mishaps and where most of them will occur.

It seems the only thing these statisticians cannot predict is WHO will die in these accidents.

But one thing is certain … not a single person who travels this holiday believes they will be on the list of causalities when the season comes to an end.

Of course there are no guarantees, but there are ways to increase the odds in your favor as you travel this season. Make sure all equipment is in good working order. Pay attention to weather reports and make your plans accordingly. Don’t speed, make sure you travel with your lights on and give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. And of course, don’t drink and drive.

Let’s all work together to make sure this is the year we prove the statisticians wrong.