There is no greater gift

To the editor:

Christmas is a time for giving gifts, sharing our time and food with family and friends. I would like to focus on giving and receiving gifts.

Most people enjoy buying and giving the people they love and care for, the ones they value, a nice gift at Christmas time. But, in this culture of commercialism there is a spirit of obligation, some people feel they have to buy gifts for people they may not even like or because it’s the thing to do or good for business. They’ll draw a name out of a hat and buy that person a gift. Now one should feel obligated to buy another person a gift; it takes away the very purpose of gift giving. A gift that doesn’t have the spirit of love is just bribery. If someone should bless you with a nice gift this Christmas please don’t say: “Oh!” “You shouldn’t have.” Just smile and say “Thank You.”

The greatest gift of all is “Love”; “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,” …..

What if I gave you a gift, then said: “Give me $50 to help pay for the gift.” Did you know that’s how some Christians view their gift of salvation that comes from God? Many Christians believe their salvation is based on Jesus sacrifice plus their own good works. So they try keeping the O.T. laws to gain favor with God. I’m sorry: but that’s why Jesus had to died, the law is impossible to keep, animal sacrifice and the law didn’t work and was very stressful to say the least. Our goodness shouldn’t be fueled by our fear of loosing our salvation but fueled by our love for Jesus Christ. Jesus dying on the cross was sufficient to pay for our past, present and future sins; if we are truly born again and accept the promise from God that our sins are forgiven, only then, will we be free from guilt, fear and stress.

A gift is no value to us unless we receive it. Let the goodness of God bring you to repentance and allow you to receive His forgiveness. Don’t let the hardening of your heart cause you to reject so great a gift. Jesus said: “Repent, love God, love others, go and sin no more.”

Jack Sprietzer