Closing clinic was a mistake

To the editor:

This past week, our community lost a local business that provided medication to many patients that relied on their services.

I am talking about Northern Specialty Health, what once was our community’s medical marijuana dispensary.

This occurred due to a local citizen filing a complaint with the authorities, forcing the closure of the business.

This is one of the most selfish acts a person could do to a community. Northern Specialty Health was a respectable establishment that strived to provide the best quality of medicine for a variety of ailments.

Closing a legitimately running dispensary creates more problems than one may have thought it would fix.

No longer can patients get reliable and quality medication as others get from the pharmacy, these patients are instead turned towards either care takers or the black market.

The latter of which can result in questionable medication that one cannot feel comfortable purchasing.

I firmly believe that closing this establishment was a mistake on the local community and is a step backwards for recognizing the medicinal values of marijuana.

Lucas Walker