With Waara, Houghton made the right choice

Kudos to the City of Houghton for their choice of Eric Waara as the next city manager. While all three finalists were certainly qualified and capable of filling the considerable shoes of out-going city manager Scott MacInnes, we felt all along that Waara, recently of U.P. Engineers and Architects, was the obvious choice.

For decades Waara has worked with several regional municipalities, including his new employer, on a variety of projects and issues. You may remember he was intimately involved with the massive Houghton Downtown Streetscape project of a few years ago.

He brings to the table not only a familiarity of the council and other city officials and works, but the expertise in areas such as grant funding which, in this day and age, is as important a tool as any to a city planner.

He has conducted business with honesty and integrity and is poised to have a long and successful run with the city.