More issues with Mr. Korpi

To the editor:

Dear DMG – I’m afraid you’ve been scammed! The letter titled “Straight talk on Obamacare” was anything but that.

Mr. Korpi may have harvested it from his e-mail or Facebook feed

DMG, allow me to introduce you to I suggest that you use it to fact check any future letters you get addressing Obamacare. It’s easy to use and can prevent the embarrassment of passing along fictitious information. I searched on “Obamacare” and quickly found that, per Snopes, most of Mr. Korpi’s letter “is actually the work of Peter Fleckenstein, who issued the list as a series of Tweets and posted it to his blog in July 2009.” And Mr. Fleckenstein’s “exaggerated, misleading, inaccurate, or outright erroneous” list referred to HB 3200, which was never passed.

I recommend that “everyone” use and to verify or refute this sort of thing before passing it along to everybody on your e-mail list, all your Facebook “friends”, and/or all your subscribers. If you do not do so, you risk contributing to the appalling level of ignorance and confusion in our current culture by negligence if not by intent.

Judy Steffel