Globalization of indifference

What To Do?

We have fallen victim to the globalization of indifference. The holiday season for some is a time for escape…even suicide. Why? Churches turn down food for large families (11, 9, 5) in need of food from well stocked food pantries; because of where they live. C’mon mankind! There is a lack of acceptance of the substance abuse problems in Lapeer whether it be liquor, prescriptive med, or illegal drugs….hmmm. 14 heroine deaths in Lapeer County over the last year. What does it take? What, me get involved…Wheel of Fortune is on man! Each church providing refuge shelters on their own or a mini consortium. All the while White Jr. High … stainless steel kitchen, oak cabineted rooms, gymnasium, shower rooms, auditorium..but no heat…just broken windows. Just imagine if the “million” churches in Lapeer area got together, met regulary, had officials on the FAN, NA, PA meetings what could be done? Open housing, rehab centers, warming places provided not just in the winter but all year round. The strenght of the whole is in the sum of its parts. Not a word from the pulpits about concern and group solutions.Wasn’t Jesus born in a manger because there was no room at the Inn? Meanwhile the promise of a Lapeer Community Resource Center fades in those that have tried without success in the past. What about Teddy Kennedy’s eulogy over Bobby…to remembered as a good and decent man who saw hunger and tried to stop it…..who saw suffering and tried to stop it; as he said on many occasions I see things the way they are; and wonder about things that are not and wonder why? Are we still wondering? It just beats the tar out of me to belong to a society that is guilty of global indifference and can do nothing about it; having tried, and tried. I don’t think most children don’t need rehab or re-direction-their parents and our older society does. Lets hope 2014 brings us better times and more hope for a bright future for all of us…not just those that have the means to better themselves.

Donna Hoganson