First Friday

CALUMET – For the past eight years, downtown Calumet has been host to a celebration of art on the first Friday of every month, where art lovers can come and view the offerings of local artists – the event has come to be known as First Friday

Copper Country Associated Artists member Miriam Pickens helps with some of the publicity of the event, but maintains that each gallery is in charge of their own gallery.

“I’m kind of a publicity person for the Copper Country Associated Artists but we try to collaborate,” Pickens said. “We’re all friends. We all try to help each other.”

The galleries in Calumet are currently in the process of forming the Calumet Art District.

“It really is a collaboration. There isn’t any one person in charge of anything,” Pickens said. “We can pool our resources to have more advertising and work together a bit more. We’re meeting on a regular basis to try to get that going.”

Pickens said that she and the other gallery owners are hoping that people come to the January First Friday.

“We want to uplift the Calumet community. If you live in Calumet give it a try,” Pickens said. “A lot of the people come from the Houghton area.”

The price of the art available to buy is also incredibly low, according to Pickens.

“I remember this one young man came into the gallery and he was about 14-years-old. He gave me this whole rant about how art is overpriced and artists think they can ask anything they want for their work. Then he looked at the wall (of art) and some of the prices and he went, ‘Wait a minute. They’re working for 15 cents an hour,'” Pickens said.

Pickens said she believes Calumet is doing something wonderful by becoming an art place.

“I’m excited to be a part of that evolution and most of my friends are artists and I like to help them and support them in their endeavors to make something sustaining,” Pickens said.

Pickens is also an established artist with some of her work appearing in the Copper Country Associated Artists gallery.

The usual turnout for First Friday tends to vary with maybe 200 to 300 people showing up and on the lower end 50 to 100 people.

“In the summer it’s a lot of tourists and it’s people who are looking for something to do on a Friday evening,” Pickens said. “Everyone tries to put on a good show and it’s something that people traditionally will come out for.”

After the frenzy of holiday preparations passes, local artists take time to reflect on the beauty of the season. The crisp sparkle of the snow and the warm glow of the hearth inspire a form of art that is recognizably Copper Country.

Calumet Art Center, just past the Heritage Center at St. Anne’s

From the glow of the pit fire, sacred clay vessels emerged, with a copper patina and handles made from horn. View these during the First Friday Open House.

Find your inspiration while touring our glass bead project and clay studios and learn about our upcoming classes and events. Join us at the Calumet Art Center for First Friday from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Paige Wiard Gallery

109 Fifth St.

Join us at the Paige Wiard Gallery, in January, for a Celebration of the talented Copper Country Artists the gallery represents. The Copper Country is fortunate to have a wide variety of talent including: woodworking, pottery, fiber, pastels, and oil. An opening reception will be held on January 3, 2014 from 6 to 8pm. Please call the gallery at 906-337-5970 or email for answers to any questions.

Hahn Hammered Copper

203 Fifth Street

Stop in and see what’s new in locally made art copper, re-purposed salvage, and more.

Copper Country Associated

Artists Gallery, 205 Fifth St.

Jennifer Szubielak and MaryBeth Olson are both fiber artists who live in the Calumet area. They will demonstrate spinning using a variety of spindles and a wonderful handmade wheel. They will spin sheep wool, but will bring samples of yarn and knitted works using fibers from different animals including alpaca, camel and dog. There will be a few “student spindles” available for those who might enjoy trying it themselves. Jennifer has her handmade yarn for sale in local stores. The January First Friday will run from 6pm to 8:30pm on January 3rd. The gallery is located at 205 Fifth St. in Calumet. For more information, please call 906 337 1252 or email us at “

Cross Country Sports

507 Oak Street

Stop by from 6-9 to see what’s new, grab a snack and warm your fingers and toes at Copper Country Sports.

Gallerie Boheme

423 Fifth Street

We will show some unique artworks from our back room by Jerome Ferretti, Margo McCafferty, Tom Rudd, Georgi Tsenov, Ursula Vernon, and others. The display will run from 6:30-9 pm. Winter hours at the Gallerie will be Friday and Saturday from 1-4pm.