Congressional candidate supports Obamacare

HOUGHTON – Democratic Congressional candidate Jerry Cannon, D-Fife Lake, stated his support of the Affordable Care Act in a statement emailed to the Gazette.

Cannon is a Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District seat currently held by U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek. In a story that ran Thursday, comments from a follow-up call made Thursday by the Gazette were attributed to Jerry Cannon indicating that he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Campaign manager Ted Dick said Cannon had not been the person speaking in the call, and that the phone with the number provided to the Gazette had been turned off during the time of the call.

In the email sent to the Gazette, it was made known that Cannon wants to keep the good parts of the Affordable Care Act and fix the bad parts.

“There’s good and bad in the Affordable Care Act but I believe that working together to fix the Affordable Care Act despite any political differences is the only solution since the law’s passage,” Cannon said in a statement e-mailed to the Gazette. “We’ve been working on this for 100 years and a lot of these ideas started with the Republican Party and there’s been fits and starts and stops about how to get this done and it’s finally put into place, and the worst thing that could be done is say ‘Let’s throw it all out,’ and lose some basic protections for seniors, and for young people who can stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26.”

Cannon also stated his support for restoring unemployment benefits that lapsed on Dec. 28.

“With the unemployment rate hovering around 9.5 percent in the Upper and Lower Peninsula, it is crucial that we do everything to get our economy working again for everyone,” said Cannon. “I’m calling on Congressman Benishek to quit with the excuses, do what’s right for Michigan and get to work renewing unemployment for the 4,000 Northern Michigan residents who are struggling to make ends meet.”