Getting into the spirit of Heikinpäivä

HANCOCK – Adults and children alike hit the dance floor Saturday to move to some traditional Finnish folk tunes as part of the Heikinpiv Family Fun Night.

The event, the fourth annual, is sponsored by Heikinpiv’s Finnish Theme Committee.

“It’s something families can do for all ages,” said organizer Kay Seppala. “And learning a bit of Finnish culture. Just getting kids away from screen time.”

Seppala introduced a couple of dances new to the Family Fun Night, including the traditional “idin Porsaat.” In one activity, children were assigned different animals and had to wander around the dance floor to find the others with their card, identifying each other only by the appropriate quacks, roars or barks.

The night finished with a chain dance, as the dancers joined hands and wound into a snake shape, going around the floor.

Marielle Raasio, 10, of Hancock, was making a return trip to the dance this year. In addition to the final chain dance, her favorite was the broom.

“I like that we get to dance,” she said.

Lily Thompson, 12, of Hancock, has been coming for three years. At one of the dances, she met someone who’s now one of her friends. And she’s also seen a family she knows with full schedules that finally had time to relax and enjoy a traditional night.

“It’s not too big or too small,” she said. “It’s there for a family to be together that’s really busy.”