MTEC SmartZone gets well-earned praise from Governor

Human beings have a tendency to take things in their own back yards for granted. Often it takes the attention of someone far away to realize just how good we have it here at home.

In this case, we are speaking of the MTEC?SmartZone and the special mention it received last week in Gov. Snyder’s fourth State of the State address.

In his address, Snyder spoke of the collaborations of both Michigan Technological University and Northern Michigan University and their surrounding communities in fostering economic development and job growth.

“So we are bringing communities together and bringing synergy and power,” Snyder said. “So I want to complement those particular communities and those universities in the U.P. for their outstanding work.”

According to an MTEC press release, since 2003 it has created more than 400 high-tech jobs and assisted more than 47 entrepreneur technology start-ups. It has done this by providing entrepreneurs with training and resource programs.

Now the MTEC?SmartZone is looking to extend its influence to Marquette, in an effort to create the same successes in that economy.

We congratulate the MTEC SmartZone for being highlighted by the governor and we congratulate the governor for recognizing what a gem we have right here in the Copper Country. Let’s hope his attention leads to more recognition on the local level.