BREAKING NEWS lists Tech as ‘snowiest college’

HOUGHTON – It was underground mining, in particuluar copper, that led to the founding of Michigan Technological University in 1888. But it’s what’s on the ground, not underneath it, that is putting the university on the top of a national list by a popular website. In a story posted Tuesay on, staff writer Kristen Rodman lists the Ten Snowiest Colleges in the U.S.

The list doesn’t go into much detail, but does list the average snowfall of 10 American Universities. Rodman said the list is based on the average snowfall of each school. To no one’s surprise, Tech tops the list by a large margin.

Rodman mentions Houghton’s average of about 200 inches a year and said there have been 300 plus inch years on record.

At number two is Syracuse University in New York. Although the school mascot is the Orange, for nearly half the year the color on campus is white, with an annual snowfall of 124 inches. Two more Empire State schools are in the top four, the University of Rochester, with a shade below 100 inches checks in at three followed by SUNY-Buffalo and its 94 inches at number four.

Rounding out the top five is Minnesota-Duluth with an annual snow total of 86 inches.

A pair of New England schools are next on the list, Vermont at number six followed by Southern New Hamphire University, that of TV commerial fame at seven. The lone Lower Michigan school, Western Michigan University, checks in at number eight, followed by Cornell at nine and finally Alaska-Fairbanks with an underwhelming 62 annual inches. Neither Northern Michigan University nor Lake Superior State made the list.

While other schools may plead their cases for a place on the top ten, few would argue with Michigan Tech’s place on the top of the list. To view the list, visit