Judge’s ruling affects many

To the editor:

On December 13, 2013, U.S. bankruptcy judge Steven Rhodes ruled that pensions of Detroit city retirees can be cut.

Tough luck for Detroit pensioners, but it doesn’t affect me – right? Let’s see.

1. The Michigan state constitution guarantees the pensions of Detroit city workers.

2. A constitution is the fundamental document that defines the responsibilities and rights of a state and is in effect the promises that we have made to each other in perpetuity.

3. If one of the guarantees of a constitution can be abrogated, none are safe.

4. If you are a Michigan school teacher, fireman, policeman or other public employee with a pension funded by the state of Michigan, don’t be surprised if your pension is cut during the next economic downturn.

5. Similarly any of the rights and privileges guaranteed by our state constitution may be lost whenever a federal judge decides federal law trumps a particular state statute.

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