Tyranny is a ‘hell on earth’

To the editor:

America’s origin began with Christians seeking religious freedom from a state church and then governmental tyranny for they believed resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

Today, anarchists reside in the halls of academia, legislature, judicial activist courtrooms, etc. who use their positions of power and influence to defame, defraud and subvert our Biblically inspired Bill of Rights, Constitution/system of government.

They do not believe our rights are God-given or are unalienable since they live to subjugate us to their godless collectivist/fascist/Marxist world view.

The soviets said years ago that they would give us socialism through gradualism until the people would hang the red flag over our country themselves, then wonder how it happened, because Americans are so weak.

Remember, communism and capitalism, avowed enemies of free enterprise, come from the same boardrooms of the global money powers under the proven formula, divide and conquer.

Today, America is morally and economically bankrupt with a financial debt over 220 trillion dollars that can never be repaid, for we’ve been conquered by the global banking cartels Federal Reserve and its unconstitutional fiat, debt money system, and now the Obamacare bucket of worms.

Like unborn babies who have no choice whether they live or die (aborted) seniors will be so treated under Obamacare’s Soviet-style health care rationing bureaucracy (I.P.A.B.) “Independent Payment Advisory Board” made up of 15 unelected bureaucrats who will make the life or death decision for you, whether you get treatments or not.

Lenin called socialized medicine the “keystone” in the arch of the socialistic state. The left in America understands this too, the total domination of the people.

Fidel Castro called the passage of Obamacare a “miracle.”

When the global money powers sovietized mother Russia they called it “the new order in the world” but in America they call it “the new world order.”

The “sacred writings” fore warn that the nation that forsakes God will be turned into hell.

We will understand why Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death,” because living under tyranny is not an alternative, it is hell on earth.

Sadly, we’ve learned nothing from history.

Larry Korpi