Fight against cancer should be everyone’s fight

There was a time, and not that long ago, that a cancer diagnosis was viewed as a death sentence. But that’s certainly not the case anymore. While cancer still claims more lives than it should, there are far more success stories. Research and development along with awareness of the importance of healthy choices is reducing the occurrence of cancer each and every day.

Today is World Cancer Day, a chance to improve the public’s general knowledge about cancer around the world and clear up misconceptions.

One thing is certain about cancer – Its effects go well beyond the individual patient. Battling cancer is a team effort. It affects the family and friends of those with cancer. But the fight goes beyond. It takes consideration of co-workers, medical providers and community members. One only has to attend a Relay For Life event to see the community impact of cancer and the war on it.

On behalf of all survivors and family members of cancer survivors here at the Daily Mining Gazette, on this World Cancer Day, we’d like to thank all those who take on the fight day after day. Thank you for your support.

We haven’t won the war, but we’re getting closer.