Increase the minimum wage

To the editor:

The Oxfam anti-poverty group recently documented that 85 mega rich individuals hold more wealth than the bottom half of humanity combined.

Here at home, lower-tier living standards unacceptably tumble, leaving millions on the brink of family ruin.

Right-wing propaganda attacks as “takers” those who seek governmental aid when vulture-capitalist profiteers outsource jobs and banksters gamble away their economic viability.

Except for everyday people’s arduous daily labor, fat cats would be pretty slim. They’d be driving regular cars, not limousines. It’s through low wages and scarce benefits that the real takers rob the actual makers.

Join the growing fight for justice, beginning with demands for reinstating slashed unemployment insurance extensions and SNAP cuts.

Above all, insist on a federal minimum wage capable of humanely supporting workers.

Our entire order will collapse if Wall Street continues to glitter while Main Street corrodes.

Dennis Rahkonen

Superior, Wis.