A time to celebrate all that is cold

According to the advice put forth on college dorm room posters, “When life gives you lemons … make lemonade.” Or to paraphrase, “When nature dumps a couple hundred inches of snow on your head and then turns the thermostat waaaay down … have a carnival.”

Michigan Technological University’s world-renowned Winter Carnival officially kicked off at noon today and as many of you read this, hundreds of students are in “all-nighter mode,” putting the finishing touches on the large snow statues in anticipation of Thursday morning’s judging.

But for the uninitiated, there’s a lot more to the “All-Nighter” than hot irons on cold snow. Pay a visit to campus tonight and you’ll understand why it’s called a carnival. The sights, sounds and smells that will greet you defy any other characterization.

You’ll find ethnic foods, creative snacks and pretty much any other combination. There’ll be games, music and a lot of fun. But there is a serious side to the All-Nighter. Student groups use tonight as fundraisers to support projects and activities throughout the school year.

Groups, organizations and even companies use the evening as a recruitment tool as well.

And tonight is just the beginning. Michigan Tech’s Winter Carnival embraces winter and can put a smile on the coldest face, drawing visitors from throughout the midwest, many who have been coming for decades.

While there is a very serious side to Winter Carnival … much needed tourism dollars in the midst of a very hard winter, don’t let that stop you from frolicking in the frozen tundra.

It’s Carnival time. Enjoy!