‘In the Company of Friends:’ PMMF announces new season

With the snow still falling and the temperatures dropping lower and lower, it seems that summer will never come. But the folks over at the Pine Mountain Music Festival have recently announced their summer lineup, which may help to get people thinking summer.

Joshua Major is the artistic director at PMMF and said that this season is a little different that previous ones.

“The time of the festival is much later in the summer,” Major said. “We’re now going to have the festival in the last two weeks of July and instead of the festival being four or four and a half weeks, it’s now going to be two weeks.”

Major said this is being done in hopes of increasing the festival’s audience and getting some of the transients in there.

“It also gives it more of a festival feel,” Major said. “A more condensed festival. It’s six concerts over 14 days. We hope this will garner more excitement and more interest.”

In terms of the content of the festival, the theme this year is “In the Company of Friends” and the festival is focusing on some of the artists that have been with the it for a long time.

“There’s some notable anniversaries,” Major said.

The Bergonzi String Quartet will be celebrating their 20th appearance with the festival. It is also musician Lucy Thrasher’s 20th year, who will performing an evening of cabaret. There will also be a staged concert of Handel arias, followed by Lee Hoiby’s “The Italian Lesson.”

Bessemer/Ironwood native Miles Mykkanen will also be performing during the festival.

“He’s going to do a solo recital in Houghton,” Major said. “He’s pretty great, so we’re excited about that.”

Another aspect of the festival will be the UPstarts!, featuring young musicians from the Upper Peninsula.

Tickets for the events will go on sale May 1 and can be purchased through the Rozsa Center.

Major said people should come out and see the shows because the music is fantastic.

“It’s a very unpretentious and simple way to hear really great music,” Major said. “We don’t pretend to do anything but put on really great concerts.”