Science and Bible can exist

To the editor:

Few deny the contributions of science to mankind at least to the extent that most of us understand it; however, it is a more complex issue.

Science is composed of many branches and many more disciplines within those branches. Unexpected items fall into the area of science.

Under the science umbrella, each is either divided into pure science, meaning seeking knowledge of how and why things around us behave as they do; or applied science, meaning using known or acquired knowledge to make, improve or otherwise utilized what is known.

Now, some would say that science alone has kept mankind progressing. Not entirely so.

For example, much of California is in extreme drought with little relief expected.

Science has shown men how to construct dams, reservoirs, aqueducts.

I understand they work better with water in them. Even Las Vegas with all its fame and money is in jeopardy.

This is sad for those affected. But, it is a message of whom controls the weather.

One idea for coastal cities, desalinization. Another example of misused science.

Many resources are misdirected for war, why not feed and clothe humans instead as Jesus taught. Now confirmation bias is mentioned often.

Science is not immune. Recently, research drug companies have skewed test results overlooking poor data to bolster more favorable.

Probably for big money, or manifest. It is unknown why some persist to discredit religious belief by citing confirmation bias, perhaps it is their goal to unconvert one or to save them from their Creator whom they love.

With regards to the death, resurrection and Heavenly ascension of Christ; it was witnessed by Mary Magdalene and 11 Apostles in around 30 A.D. – 36 A.D.

Other societies such as approximately 3500 B.C. Mesopotamia has written records. It is a strong assertion that Christ was and is real. The accounts of his life and ministry have true staying power.

Science too has made in roads with regards to Holy relics, i.e. the tomb of Talpiot, the Shroud of Turin, the dead sea scrolls and remnants of Noah’s Ark and others.

Speaking of which, engineers built the Titanic, Noah the Ark. In Biblical creation, God gave Adam and Eve choice.

Curiosity (pure science mind) led them to eat the fruit of knowledge (disobeying God) this act caused by mankind alone was his downfall and is yet problematic.

Keith Wanhaaho