Big bad storm ‘Seneca’ was no big deal

Call it what you will; “Sisu,” fortitude, hardiness or Yooper Pride, but the past few days showed, once again, what we’re made of here in the Keweenaw.

The storm had been predicted for several days and was purported to be one of the worst in recent memory, with more than a foot of snow forecasted with near-hurricane strength winds.

Although it didn’t turn out to be quite the monster storm anticipated, Seneca’s wrath was felt here in the Copper Country as it was throughout much of the nation’s mid and northeast sections.

And after Seneca left the U.S. Saturday heading up to Canada most of the country was breathing a sigh of relief and digging out.

Not here. After Winter Storm Seneca exited, the Keweenaw was hit with another garden-variety winter storm, again with high winds, and oodles of snow.

And can you guess how we handled it? Like we always do. Just fine, thank you.

Keep in mind we’ve just been through three days of severe winter weather. Conditions that would have paralyzed most of the nation.

Here, schools were cancelled, businesses closed early (including a rare afternoon closure of Michigan Tech) and about 500 folks in Eagle River lost power for a few hours.

That was it. No deaths. No major tie-ups and no highway or bridge closures.

Life went on as usual, if not a tad slower.

Why? How are we able to come through this type of storm, again and again, with hardly a scratch?

In our opinion, it’s more than “Sisu.” True, there is a hardiness among us, but it’s also a commitment to safety by each and every municipality. They have the equipment, the experience and the willingness to do what needs to be done to keep roads and streets open and safe.

And the hardiness of the people is tempered with a healthy dose of good ol’ common sense.

We don’t take chances. We know when to stay in. And most of us have been driving in these condition for our entire lives.

So once again, a weather event that crippled much of the nation was, maybe, a speed bump up here. For that we are grateful. For that we congratulate all involved.