What a great area we have

To the editor:

What a wonderful caring community we live in here in the Copper Country. A huge outpouring of support, caring, and love were displayed on Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014 at the L&L Bar in Calumet, where we held a soup and sandwich benefit.

It was for our former employee and wonderful friend, Sue Tadych. Sue is in a battle for her life with the loathsome enemy cancer!

The support from family and friends was tremendous. We can’t begin to even list everybody who made this event such a success.

We would like to thank you all. Everybody who helped in every way. Many made soup, sandwiches, bakery, and baskets that were raffled off at the event. Countless businesses and individuals donated time, money and products to the benefit. It was a huge success.

Thank you one and all who participated. We never could have done it alone. Best of luck and prayers go out to Sue and her family. They are in our prayers. Thanks again!

The L&L Bar, Jayne Harvey, and employees