Gazette looks to set the record straight

HOUGHTON – On Jan. 16, The Daily Mining Gazette published an article featuring an interview with 1st congressional district candidate Jerry Cannon, D-Fife Lake. The majority of the article, by Gazette Writer Garrett Neese, was taken from an interview conducted the previous day at the DMG offices in Houghton.

The following morning, Neese made a follow-up phone call and spoke to someone he believed to be Cannon. The responses to questions posed that morning were also included in the Jan. 16 story, including statements allegedly made by Cannon voicing his opposition to and willingness to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Shortly after publication of the article, The Daily Mining Gazette was contacted by Cannon’s Campaign Manager, Ted Dick.

Not only did Dick stress Cannon’s support of “Obamacare,” he refuted that Cannon spoke with anyone that day and went so far as to state the cell phone Neese claims to have called was, in fact, turned off the entire day.

The management of The Daily Mining Gazette has no doubt Neese spoke to someone that morning who made the comments printed. But apparently the call was made to a wrong number.

For the past several weeks the Gazette has searched computer records of all phone calls made from the editorial offices on that day. The Gazette has found no record of a call placed to any number associated with the Cannon campaign.

The Gazette believes those comments attributed to Gen. Cannon were indeed made by someone else.

A correction of the Jan.16 article appears on page 3A of today’s edition.