Health Watch/Aspirus Keweenaw/Cindy Mytty, RN, BSN, Oasis Coordinator at Aspirus Keweenaw

Now that we are well on our way into 2014, how have you been doing with achieving the goals you made for the New Year? If you are like most people, those good intentions have long been forgotten. As I was perusing the Aspirus Senior Health Blog recently, I came across some fun ideas to pass along for 2014. Rather than trying to stick to the same old New Year’s resolutions, how about adopting some new healthy habits instead?

1. Happy Thoughts Jar – Grab yourself a large jar, and every day, write down something that makes you happy. Stick that scrap of paper in the jar, and when you’re feeling blue, you can sift through all of your happy thoughts from the year.

2. Green Smoothies -Instead of “eat healthier,” get specific and start your day off with a healthy green smoothie! There are numerous recipes available online and in cookbooks.

3. Start a Daily Yoga Routine – Or commit to doing yoga on certain days of the week, if that seems more attainable to you. There are classes available locally or you can easily find one on the internet or television.

4. Ditch the Soda Pop – Quitting your soda habit can go a long way towards getting healthier. Instead, flavor water with lemon or lime wedges.

5. Ditch Plastic Food Storage – Talk about an unhealthy habit! Now is a great time to go through your cupboards and throw out the old plastic containers. They are especially dangerous if you are using them to reheat food in the microwave as toxins can be leached into your food!

6. Meatless Monday -Does going vegan or vegetarian seem elusive, but you’d like to try to eat less meat? Commit to going meatless for just one day a week! Your heart and many, many farm animals will thank you.

7. Cook at Home – Do you eat take out or delivery food for much of the week? Try starting a weekend cooking ritual to stock your fridge and freezer with home-cooked meals that you can eat all week long. If you’re overwhelmed by the whole get in there and get started! The more you cook, the easier it is to make your food at home.

8. Ditch Bottled Water -It’s so convenient to grab a plastic bottle of water when you’re out and about. Start keeping a reusable bottle in your purse, car, and bike pannier so you don’t have to buy bottled water to stay hydrated.

9. Practice Gratitude – File this under “slowing down.” This healthy habit is all about taking a moment out of your day to appreciate even the mundane things in your life. How about thinking of three things you are grateful for each morning when you awake or before you go to bed each night.

10. Learn Something New – Don’t just say that you’re going to learn something! Choose what you want to learn, and enroll in a class, so that you’re committed. Your local community college might be a good place for budget-friendly classes, or you can look for online classes if you need something that fits into your busy schedule.

I hope you will add a few of these ideas to your healthy habits this year. I have my lemon water in hand as I look for a new class to try through our local university. Good luck!

Editor’s note:?Cindy Mytty is an RN, BSN, CHPN, COS-C and OASIS Coordinator at Aspirus Keweenaw Home Health and Hospice.