Wolves, coyotes pose problems

To the editor:

I’ve been told by many older hunters that in the 50’s and early 60’s you might walk all day and not find a deer track and if you did you better stay on it. If history repeats itself we might be headed that way again. I think the biggest problem is the DNR (does nothing right) has found more ways to rake in money. I never thought a person would have to pay $100 to shoot a wolf. A predator that kills deer, livestock, and the family dog.

I think the biggest problem is the population of coyotes has exploded as I think I had more coyotes than deer on my trail cam. Three years ago I had coyotes in my back yard cornering a doe and as I wondered why she didn’t run I figured it out when my neighbor found two dead fawns in his old horse shelter.

We are all scared to shoot a coyote because if it’s a wolf then you pay over $1,000 fine and lose your hunting rights. My hat is off to all the predator hunts they have and the DNR should raise the reward money as these predator hunts will be kids future game hunts. After this winter I don’t know if I could shoot a buck after knowing what it has survived. All we might see are the coyote and wolf tracks.

Mark Roth