Carnival was wonderful

To the editor:

I would like to commend all of the Michigan Tech Students for a wonderful Winter Carnival. This year’s theme was a great choice, my family loved seeing all the Disney movie choices. I would hate to be a judge, I could never pick one over another they were all so great. The month long statues were amazing, not to mention how nice the all-nighters were. We especially liked playing ice hockey and skee ball! That was a fun idea.

I would like to congratulate the hockey team for two wonderful games. Saturday’s game was outstanding. It is so much fun to watch the games. I was watching Blizzard at one time and was thrilled to see him following a little girl in walker crutches to her seat. Such an act of kindness.

Broomball, my favorite spectator sport, was great this weekend. All of you who play are a hardy breed. I love the game and it is so unique to Michigan Tech.

Mickey Mouse on Mt. Riply was Awesome!! The fireworks were so cool. I love seeing them light up the sky and the ski hill.

One of my favorite things was seeing three of my former students involved directly in the events, even a queen candaidate!

I know there is a lot of people who are responsible for the weekend, not knowing all them, I would just like to say Thanks for making our weekend another fun time with the Huskies!!!! How about next year’s theme being: Music moves you to and fro, forever playing in the ice and snow. Thanks again to all of the Michigan Tech Huskies!

Kathy Brown