Obamacare ad is misleading

To the editor:

Anyone watching TV recently certainly has seen the advertisement in which Julia Boonstra berates Congressman Gary Peters for supporting the Affordable Care Act. She has leukemia and reports that her insurance policy was canceled and that her costs in her new policy are unaffordable. But when the Washington Post looked into the facts, they concluded on Feb. 20 that the advertisement was misleading at best. Boonstra’s out-of-pocket costs under the new policy are higher, but as she told the Detroit News, her premiums have been cut in half, so that her costs are about the same. This ad was sponsored by the Koch brothers supported Americans for Prosperity organization, which has produced similar ads broadcast in other states, one of which uses actors to attack the Affordable Care Act. At least Boonstra is a real person, but her story along with those in other ads reveals how hard it is to find people who have not been helped by Obamacare.

Marilyn Cooper