We will all be judged one day

To the editor:

To “same thing over again,” (DMG 2-22/23-14), have you noticed that the writers being responded to also “write the same comments and views every month”? It’s a dialog, Ms. Curious, and this is an opinion column.

Obviously these topics have not been resolved to certain contributors’ satisfaction and maybe never will.

This column is a two-way street which means that your comments regarding “intolerant” and “do not respect other people’s views” can be applied to both sides. In fact your “one-sided” comment could definitely pertain pro/con to any issue.

And no, God doesn’t “treat us all the same.” God is long suffering (patient) which is a bonus, i.e., we’ve been given more time to read his Word, the bible.

God allows certain problems to occur, e.g., health, weather, financial. How we respond to adversity reveals much about our belief system.

How do you know that “He (God) doesn’t judge”? God judged plenty in the Bible. And there’s going to be one horendous final judgment at the Great White Throne (Rev 20:11-15). God’s wrath will be apparent at the Tribulation for He will put an end to the sinful times in which we are living.

But His love is also evident via Jesus Christ who came to save all who would repent and believe (John 3:16-17).

Marilyn Sager