Asking questions about wolves

To the editor:

In regards to a letter written by John Hongisto, March 1, in the Daily Mining Gazette.

No special arguments today John, but a couple of questions to clear up. I’ll number them for your convenience.

1. You ask “Why should Mr. Koski have to pay to protect his animals?” How much has he spent to do that? I see no evidence. I have to pay to protect mine.

2. How much has Mr. Koski collected from insurance payments in addition to the DNR compensation?

3. Why did he not dispose of the corpses as required?

4. Does he acknowledge that his negligence also attracts wolves to the neighboring farms?

5. What are the names of the designated “wolf shooters” who have been baiting with deer legs? They must be registered, right?

6. What reasons are given by MDNR for not prosecuting. This is very important. It doesn’t smell good.

7. There is a very good collection of wolf-management papers available on line: Recovery of Gray Wolves in the Great Lakes Region of the United States, 360 pages, 2008. Free.

And a very recent paper on Role of Predators, Winter Weather and Habitat on UP Whitetails, Jan, 2014. Free.

You and other readers will probably find them enlightening. I look forward to your response, in public. Thank you,

Jack Parker