We are heading to judgement

To the editor:

By watching the daily news one can clearly see that America is getting farther away from God and still headed straight towards God’s judgment and ultimate destruction. Too many in America have said “there is no God.”

One of the many reasons Americans have reached such a low point of unbelief, is because they were brought up in school systems which teaches man’s false idea that every living being started from a single cell and evolved into millions, or even billions, of species, including humans.

Some have theorized humans evolved from ape like beings.

But how a person, who is compose of 200, or 300 trillion highly specialized interrelated cells, can believe that it all started from a single cell, should be beyond belief. Actually, the single cell theory of evolution only proves Man’s folly.

First, Man totally dismissed God’s legitimate claims that he, God, created Heaven and Earth and everything in them including the first man, Adam. Second, Man refused to believe the documented biblical history of God dealing with mankind on Earth, where God again and again, demonstrated and proved his awesome supernatural powers.

Among these demonstrations of power, where turning rivers and waters in Egypt into blood, parting the Red Sea while millions of Israelites crossed on dry ground, and then drowning the very large pursuing Egyptian army. After that God proved himself again and again by providing good and water for 40 years while His chose people wandered in the desert.

In the Word of God, the Holy Bible, God showed his chosen people that he had complete control over Earth and the Heavens, because, he wanted them to be witnesses to the rest of the world.

He wanted the people of the world to believe in Him so they would not perish.

This world would be a much better place if people believe in the Living God and followed his just commandments.

We would love each other like brothers and sisters that we are, because, we are all His children.

God gets no pleasure in his children going to Hell. It is a great tragedy that so many in America are rejecting God and his Son, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins on the cross.

Accepting Jesus and his sacrifice is a must to go to Heaven.

America must return to God.

Manuel Ybarra, Jr.

Coalgate, Okla.