Readers have right to opinion

To the editor:

LTE-DMG 2-22-14 titled: “It’s the same thing over again.” The short answer is: “Because we can.” We still have the right to voice our opinion on most subjects on the opinion page of our local newspaper; freedom of speech and press. If we lose that right, American will be governed by a different constitution and we may not be able to speak our views in public at all.

We are “few” because there aren’t that many “true believers” left willing to write their Christian views, in this newly secularized country.

We are usually voicing our “religious” views by answering questions about the Bible that “curious” people like you ask every month; and we enjoy doing it. The comments are not always the same thing every month. If you will go back and check them on your computer, you will learn what the Bible teaches about faith, creation – verses evolution, salvation, love, grace and a host of other interesting things that many people do not understand from the Bible.

If I believed some of the views people write about – then we’d both be wrong. As far as respecting other people’s views, I believe respect is something we earn. I can respect people’s rights but not always their views, beliefs or opinions.

And, why not tell a world plagued by the spirit of antichrist that there is hope and forgiveness to be had if we want it. Yes, the God of the Bible loves you, me and everyone else; even while we were yet sinners Christ died for us all. We get to chose to accept Him as our Lord and Savior or to reject Him.

Personally I am “intolerant” to any belief contrary to God’s Word; that’s why I write.

God is not judging us now but we all have an appointment with death, then comes God’s judgement; we’ll be judged on – whether we were born again, accept Christ as Lord and Savior or reject Him? Revelation (Chapter 20)

Christians are called to be witnesses to the love and grace of God. Our testimony on how Jesus changed our lives should not come across as arrogant or judgmental but humble.

I’m not sure what you mean about “God treats us all the same?” I hope your curiosity is satisfied. You’re probably not alone in your interest.

Jack Sprietzer