Meagan’s Musings/Meagan Stilp

I’m a sucker for a good deal. My favorite part of every Monday morning is, surprisingly, not getting up and going to work at six in the morning but perusing the weekly Econo Foods ad to find out what is on sale. I rarely buy anything that’s not on sale, with the occasional exception of movies, TV series and, of course, books.

When I first received my Kindle as a graduation gift, I was ecstatic. It is a lot easier to carry around than a regular book, and the books themselves are usually so much cheaper, especially if their print-edition counterparts are only available in hardcover. “The Wise Man’s Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss, for example, is a mere $5.81 for the Kindle edition compared to $21.71 for the hardcover from

So, compared to printed copies, e-books have always seemed like a pretty good deal. But, as a fairly voracious reader, I spend too much money on books. I always have. So when I saw a note on CNN about free e-books, I was intrigued but also, as with any internet offer claiming to be “free,” a bit wary. So I put on my Nancy Drew hat and investigated.

Life. Changed.

My clicking brought me to a site called BookBub. The first great thing about the site? It doesn’t ask for any kind of credit card information, just an email address through which to send out daily deals. That is all it does.

The user is able to go through and select different genres he or she is interested in. BookBub then scours different sites to find deals. Amazon, for example, regularly puts books on sale for as little as $0.99 or for free in an attempt to raise interest. This is especially true of the first book in a series. The thought behind this, I assume, is to get readers hooked on a cheap book so they will buy the regular price sequel. It generally works on me.

However, finding deals and even more importantly, deals on books that interest you, is a time-consuming process. So instead of having to take the time to comb through different sites to find deals, BookBub aggregates deals for you in a daily email based on the device you are using and the interests you indicate on the site.

It’s awesome.

I’ve been on the site for only about two weeks and have already purchased – or received for free – at least ten books. Some of them are very silly detective or mystery stories that I probably wouldn’t even pay $0.99 for, but are a nice distraction for free. I have also gotten some best sellers for just a few dollars or cents each. I will have to rein in my impulse buying, but at those prices a few extra purchases aren’t too hard on the wallet.

If you have any type of e-reading device, which includes cell phones and computers, and appreciate a good deal, I would suggest checking out BookBub. For less than the price of a 20 oz. soda – or for free – you can get a few hours of entertainment. I can’t think of a better deal.