Gov. should reveal stand on gay marriage

One of the big topics of discussion over the past few days regards a federal judge’s actions in overturning Michigan’s voter-enacted ban on same sex marriage.

It is a discussion that is being conducted, locally, state-wide and even nationally. It seems to be a topic in which everyone has an opinion. That is, everyone except Gov. Rick Snyder.

As has been the governor’s practice since the lawsuit which challenged the ban was filed, the Republican governor has been steadfast in his refusal to take a side on this issue.

It’s a practice that has not gone unnoticed in the state and national media. It has become a game of sorts for reporters to try and badger an opinion out of the governor, while he has become quite adept at stating that his focus remains on jobs and the economy, and little else.

The governor maintains that his personal opinion on the issues of same-sex marriage has nothing to do with his ability to enforce the law however it gets sorted out in the judicial processes.

And try as reporters might to get him to budge on the issue he has been steadfast.

Which to us, is a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand we admire his willingness to uphold the law of the land regardless of his personal views. But on the other hand, we’d still like to know those views. After all, we do vote for a person and we’d like to know where that person falls on the issues important to us.

There was a time when we knew how Candidate Snyder felt about gay marriage. In a conversation with reporters Monday he refused comment when asked if he believed that marriage should be defined as between a man and a women.

Yet, in a 2010 debate on Detroit TV station WXYZ Snyder said “On gay marriage, marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Snyder has defended his lack of a stance by saying he generally doesn’t get involved in social issues. Yet he has signed legislation involving abortion and other topics which would be viewed as “social issues.”

We admire the governor and what he has done to turn this state around financially.

As said, we respect his pledge to enforce laws regardless of his personal agenda. We have no doubt in his moral character, and trust he would do just that.

But we’d still like to know how Rick Snyder, the man, feels about this very important issue.