Will Laurium lockout continue?

To the editor:

This letter will hopefully serve two purposes; the first is to request to reinstate parking at the Laurium ball fields. The second is to inform the public as to how this request to reinstate parking at the Laurium ball fields has been handled in such a disrespectful manner by Laurium Officials.

Last spring, materials were solicited for a 4×8 speed limit sign from 41 Lumber.

41 Lumber agreed to donate lumber, paint, bolts and a post. Other volunteers associated with the local school volunteered to paint the sign to whatever specification the village designed.

No one from Parks and Recreation has attempted contact with anyone from the group of volunteers, 41 Lumber, the School or any of the concerned residents. The sign would not add any expense to the Village of Laurium nor the Village employees’ workloads.

This request is simply to get back to the comfort and convenient parking that we have all enjoyed in the past without incident. Three years ago, a small group of senior citizens consisting of retired school teachers, policemen, construction workers and loggers attended a Village Council meeting and were told to submit some ideas to resolve this issue, to which they had.

So far all of the members of this group have met with resentment for pursuing this matter.

This small request will not add any expense to the Village of Laurium.

As of this writing, all we have received from the Laurium Village Officials is resentment and inconsideration and downright lack of respect.

Why would a request to improve conditions for both young and old be viewed as unreasonable? The group has been told by Village Officials that the main opposition to this proposal comes form the Chairperson of the Parks and Recreation Committee.

This individual apparently feels that he has been blessed with a higher sense of intelligence concerning playground safety than that of the general public.

This may be so, but we wish that the Chairperson opposed would kindly point out the shortcomings of this proposal.

Perhaps someone in the CLK area could come up with something that would meet this high standard and resolve this issue.

I do not understand how an elected official can get a sense of achievement by inconveniencing young mothers, seniors and handicapped people that are wanting to make use of the recreation places within their communities.

Carl Bjorn

Ahmeek Location