BridgeGuard Inc. is a SmartZone success story

Very quietly, perhaps too quietly, the MTEC SmartZone is racking up a string of success stories. Business successes that have quickly turned ideas and inspiration into jobs and continued economic development in our area.

One of the more recent MTEC success stories has gotten recognition on a statewide level and we couldn’t be happier.

Michigan Celebrates Small Business is an entity made up of organizations that support and celebrate entrepreneurs and small business leaders in Michigan. These organizations include the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Michigan Small Business Development Center, U.S. Small Business Administration and the Small Business Association of Michigan.

Michigan Celebrates Small Business presents awards annually to what they call, “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch.” One of those companies on this year’s list is right here in our back yard.

BridgeGuard Inc. is an infrared/visual imaging service that, according to their website, safely identifies and locates delaminations and cracks within concrete bridges.

The company graduated out of the MTEC SmartZone in 2012 becaues steady growth created a need for more space.

The company is now located in downtown Hancock.

The success of BridgeGuard is an ideal example of what SmartZone can and was designed to do.

An incubator which nurtures entreprenurial dreams to the benefit of the region.

Copper Country native Dorothy Ruohonen is president and CEO of BridgeGuard. She will be honored next month during the MCSB awards event in East Lansing.

We congratulate Dorothy and her staff on this honor and congratulate MTEC SmartZone on yet another success story.