DNR should take action on milfoil

To the editor:

I’m being charged $485 dollars per year to treat a weed that has not been proven to be eradicated from lakes. In my opinion, this is the government’s problem.

According to the DNR Mission Statement, “The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state’s natural and cultural resources for current and future generations.”

This government agency is regulating, all the permits we have to purchase to use the water.

The salaries they pay for employees to sit out in the lake and monitor whether you have a fishing permit and fire extinguisher on your boat.

Studying, like the half million dollar grant that Tech recently got. They are NOT protecting the water as they have committed. This weed is in about 525 lakes in Lower Michigan as of 2007.

At the township meeting or in the newspaper, Houghton Lake was referenced as a model for the solution to the milfoil problem.

Houghton Lake is a inland lake, a densely populated recreational and commercial area, in 2002, a population of 30,000. Our situation here is very different from Houghton Lake because we’re connected to the Great Lakes.

Milfoil was found in Houghton Lake in 1999 and they chemically treated it in 2002.

They stocked the lake with 63,000 weevils to help manage the Milfoil. In 2002 the Fish and Wildlife group advised them not to do this chemical process.

On May 15, 2002, they treated the lake with fluidone to a level concentration of seven, on Aug. 22, 2002 the level of concentration was 3.8, so it stays in the water for over 100 days, the chart only covered that time frame.

In 2010, there were some complaints about swimmers itch. After 12 years of chemical treating the lake they still have the Milfoil, in 2013 the numbers are increasing.

If you’ve got weeds around your dock, get a permit and buy the pellets, they’re available for purchase.

There’s also a product on the market that’s a marine weed whip, about five years ago the cost was about $250, and there are other product options on the market.

My property abstract states my property is to the waters edge. I feel I should not have to pay for this project the township is planning.

Elaine M. Buchbinder

Lake Linden