Obamacare is not affordable

To the editor:

In response to Marilyn Cooper’s letter printed on March 13, I would like to introduce myself to Ms. Cooper as one of the millions who are being hurt by the un-affordable health care act. I am not alone, I personally know of many others in our local area. First of all I would like to answer the lies that we were told: If you like your insurance you can keep you insurance; and, the health care act will save each family an average of $2,500. Not true for me! My policy (which I liked just fine) was cancelled and I had to find another which offers less coverage for a higher price. The self-employed and small business owners are among the first victims of this awful progressive policy, and it will only get worse as those with employer-provided insurance start feeling the effects. Hope and change? Rubbish, I say. It’s not too late to reverse the tide-get out and vote if you care about your freedom!

Steven Tarnowski