Laurium council addresses issue

Laurium council addresses issue

To the editor:

While it is not the position of the Laurium Council to reply to editorial comments we feel that the facts regarding the Bill Miller baseball fields should be presented. Several years ago the Village received a complaint that a young child was nearly struck by a vehicle entering the baseball fields. This complaint was investigated and discovered the unique entrance into the fields created a major sight line obstruction caused by the DPW garage.

After consulting with the Police Department and the Village Insurance carrier it was decided for safety reasons the gate would be closed to help avoid further incidents and liability to the Village. Little League baseball was contacted and they agreed with the Village’s solution for safety concerns.

Several alternative ideas were presented to the Council but none were deemed feasible. Either the costs were prohibitive or the idea would not solve the actual problems that exist.

The baseball fields are easily accessible and no more restrictive than watching any other sport.

The Village Council acknowledges that this may cause a small inconvenience to some but are not willing to sacrifice the safety of the children, players and spectators that visit and use this area.

Laurium Village