D.D.I.Y. pretty much describes the Keweenaw

One of the very special things about life in the Copper Country is the residents’ knack for philanthropy. The fundraising efforts of most of our local charities and non-profits routinely exceed what would be expected from a region of this size.

The Copper County Relay For Life is known throughout the state for dwarfing the money raised in communities much larger than ours.

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly has sustained itself for decades in both volunteer effort and local financial support. Local churches host fundraisers that generate support far beyond the congregation rolls.

We indeed are a land of “givers.”

And we don’t seem to be restricted by the “tried and true” charties, and continue to develop new organizations when specific needs arise.

31 Backpacks continues to grow. A mere idea less than two years ago, the group now provides weekend food to more than 100 school children.

So it should come as no surprise that a non-profit group begun locally to fill a specific need is already well established and doing wonderful things despite being less than a year old.

Don’t Do It Yourself was established by a group of caring individuals to help families in need of medical care.

As Dan Roblee outlined in his Page 1 article Monday, in its first year the group has helped about 15 families with food, gasoline and lodging to help them travel to hosptals outside the area.

On Saturday D.D.I.Y held its largest and most significant fundraiser yet with an all-day event at Dee Stadium. The response was overwhelming from both vendors, around 20 turned out, local musicians and a lot of guests willing to pay the meager $3 admission to have a good time and help a good cause.

But as successful as the event was, it won’t be long before need exceeds donations.

Like 31 backpacks before it, one of the most significant contributions D.D.I.Y. has already made is to shine a spotlight on a particular need that exists here.

We congratulate Krista Coon, Steve Erickson and all those who have worked so hard on the early success of Don’t Do It Yourself. We see a successful future.