Supporting the arts

HANCOCK – According to Cynthia Cote, the Copper Country Community Arts Center has been able to operate for decades because of the support of the people who use and enjoy it.

Cote, who is executive director of the CCCAC, said support to the Arts Center recently came in the form of a donation from Nanno and Bill Rose of Houghton.

“They’re going to match any contribution up to $10,000,” she said.

That means the Arts Center will have $20,000 available if $10,000 in donations are received through June 30, Cote said. However, any amount received will be matched.

Such a donation hasn’t been received by the Arts Center before, Cote said.

“This is the first,” she said. “It couldn’t come at a better time.”

The Arts Center is a recipient of the Minneapolis-based Laura Jane Musser Grant, Cote said, but that is on a three-year cycle, which just ended. That grant is also $10,000, so that amount is missing from the Arts Center budget.

“This year we’ve come up a little bit short,” she said.

Whatever is received toward the $10,000 match will go into the Arts Center general fund to be used to fund programs and operations, Cote said.

“It’ll help us get on a firmer footing for the future,” she said of the donation. “It costs money to plan our classes.”

Some of the programs the donations will help fund include clay classes, talks by artists and about art, book signings, the summer arts camp, and others.

One of the talks coming up is called Martha Stewart Living and the Still Life: Back to Brudges. It will be at 7 p.m. April 25 on the second floor of the building at 126 Quincy St. in Hancock. It will be presented by Christa Walck.

To donate toward the $10,000 match, Cote said people can go online at Click on the banner at the top of the page. Checks can be brought to or mailed to the Copper Country Community Arts center at 126 Quincy St. Hancock, MI 49930.

Cote said the Arts Center will continue to function with the support of the people it serves.

“We really count on the community to support the Community Arts Center,” she said.