Condolences and thanks from KLL

To the editor:

The Keweenaw Little League expresses our heartfelt condolences to the families of Carl Backstrom and George Mrosz.

KLL thanks the following: Superior Extrusion, John Sullivan, Wayne and Barb Sickler, Neil J. Hermus, Robert Harrison, Robert and Mary Masnado, Dan Ojala, Ray and Peg Hirvonen, John and Carole Backstrom, Robert and Joan Barron, Wayne and Sandra Jarvi, Joe and Karen Kezele, Kathleen Muljo, Joanne Edwards, Bruce and Cheryl Carlson, William and Pamela Nelson, Robert Wareham, Sarced Heart Social Lodge, Danny Jarve, Raymond Laurich, Keith and Elsa Mugford, and Paul Hill, for their generous donations to our organization in memory of Carl and George. The money is greatly appreciated and will be used for field improvements and equipment in our league.


Keweenaw Little League Board of