‘Great U-turn’ can be changed

To the editor:

Robert Reich column titled: “The Great U-turn” 3-15-14. I can relate to his article. Remember that, simply made, little, affordable VW Beetle. I worked on Volkswagens for 11 years and owned two Beetles. That new car in 1965 cost me $1,200: I drove it for 85,000 miles and in 1971 I sold it for $800 and bought a new Super Beetle for $1,800. In 1965 I couldn’t get over $3 worth of gasoline in that 10 gallon tank.

Because of “government regulations,” the VW Beetle couldn’t meet air quality standards so it was phased out of the U.S. market. In 1965 I grossed $36.00 a day, working at a VW dealership and could afford a new car and house payments. My wonderful wife stayed home and did a great job raising our two kids. Both of our kids went to college and became productive citizens. We didn’t need a lot of stuff to be happy, we had our faith and each other, yes, we had to sacrifice to make ends meet, but we did okay.

Today if you’re not making $100 a day, after taxes, you’re living in poverty. The middle class is going the way of the VW Beetle – “being phased out of the U.S. market.” Without good paying jobs, the middle class has become slaves to the crumb throwing rich people.

America’s “great U-turn” can be reversed. The problem is we have a generation that is college educated, but they lack wisdom, discipline, and are totally self centered. They’ll tolerate everything that comes along as long as it doesn’t invade their space. “Live and let live” may sound good but is not God’s way. No nation can spit in the face of God and say: “We don’t need your Bible or our righteousness” and still continue to prosper. Do you think with this type of attitude they’ll care enough about this country to reverse anything? And, “Acorns don’t fall very far from the tree.”

Is America going the way of Babylon? Read about it in the Bible: (Revelation Chapter 18) then read (2-Timothy 4:1-5) and (2-Timothy chapter 3). We are: “in the last days,” it’s a matter of time and this antichrist attitude will come under Gods judgment. The “U-turn” has to be a revival in the “Church” because America has a heart problem.

Jack Sprietzer